PTO Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2018


  1. Principal’s Report:  Mr. Dillon led the meeting by reminding everyone about the Survey Works survey that was emailed to all parents recently.  This is a statewide survey that assists the schools by determining the areas that are working well and the areas that need some improvement.  It was sent to all parents, and teachers and students in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Mr. Dillon then discussed the district-wide consolidation plan and detailed the impacts to our school community here at Robertson.  There was a letter sent home to those who have children in the Kindergarten through 4th grades with these details. Students in the 5th and 6th grades did not receive one as they are going to be moving up to Winman Jr. High/Middle School next year.  Mr. Dillon wanted to assure everyone that Robertson Elementary is not going to be closing. He let us know that with the moving of 6th graders to Winman and the moving of some special education classrooms as well, we will be making room for the additional 50 to 60 students coming to our school based on the redistricting and the closure of nearby Wicks Elementary.  They will try to keep all students with attendance waivers in the school next year but that will depend on how many new students are joining our school or moving into our area. The teachers are currently in flux as well as we are not sure yet how teachers will move from closing schools. Mr. Dillon is planning to go talk to our new students at Wicks soon.


RICAS testing is coming up.  Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be taking the RICAS (the new PARCC) in staggered windows in April and May.  This test is an assessment of what the students are already learning so they are being encouraged to do their best, which is already the expectation every day at school.  The incentives Mr. Dillon used last year seemed to work well so he may continue with an assembly to honor those who show improvement and possibly a raffle for the kids as well.  There is more information and practice tests on the Rhode Island Department of Education’s website:


  1. President’s Report:  PTO President, Ellen Polo, opened by talking about the book fair and asking for any volunteers to help take it over for next year.  Any help is always much appreciated. She also reminded all those who have graduating 5th and 6th graders that there is a meeting at Winman Jr. High/Middle School on Thursday, March 1st.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer, Julie Yelle, reported that we have $16,500 in our operating account, including $5,600 for the graduating classes, and that we are doing well.  A $500 deposit was just made for the Crown Plaza for the Spring Fling, $700 was spent on the African Dance assembly last week and a deposit was also made on the Sky Dome planetarium that is coming soon.  We received some extra money recently too; $200 more from the Yankee Candle fundraiser (probably from online orders), $400 from Box Tops and $400 from Stop and Shop. There was discussion of another Spring fundraiser since the PTO would like to chip in and help offset the cost of the Spring Fling tickets for families.  We will also need to leave a minimum of $5,000 in the operating account for the 2018/2019 PTO.


  1. Committee Report:


    1. Fundraising:  Secretary, Sarah Fruzzetti spoke about the upcoming Calendar Raffle that she is coordinating.  Many businesses were contacted for donations and quite a few donations have already been received.  The calendars will be ready to go home by March 9th and the raffle will take place during the month of April.  They will cost $10 per calendar and students who sell 5 or more will be entered to win an iPad.

Other fundraiser ideas were discussed again, such as a Save Around coupon book, of which the PTO keeps half the proceeds, as well as Dine Out nights which have not been a big draw in the past.  


    1. Cultural Arts:  The recent African Drum concert was a fun time for the students and even featured Mr. Dillon and teachers dancing at the end!  We discussed finding a storyteller to join us for Reading Week.


    1. Sunshine/Hospitality:  Everyone has been healthy!


    1. School Store:  Sue Humphreys is running the school store March 15th and 16th.


    1. Fifth/Sixth Grade Representatives:  Mrs. Costa and Ms. Waleryszak talked about the upcoming rival basketball game between Robertson 5th grade and Greenwood 5th grade.  The game will take place at Vets on May 4th, doors at 6, game at 6:30. This will be a lot of fun for all the kids from both schools and a great fundraiser for their grades as well as the proceeds will be split down the middle between both 5th grades.  Signs, pom poms, and snacks will be sold and admission is a donation at the door. A half-time show is being planned as well.


The 5th and 6th grade picnic will take place on June 11th at the Masonic Park.  Since there will be a lot of kids and family attending this year with both graduating grades being together, we discussed options for food for the event.      



  • Outdoor Maintenance:  We will plan a Saturday mulch party for the front gardens at the school once it warms up.  There was a question about the state of the playground and what can be done about it and Mrs. Polo let us know that the front gardens are the PTO’s responsibility while the playground area is paid for and maintained by the school district.  Apparently it is on the School Committee’s agenda to allocate some funds to fix up Warwick schools’ playgrounds around the district but Robertson is not top of the list as some schools are far more worse off.


    1. VOWS:  Anthony Sinapi from Volunteers of Warwick Schools was unable to attend, however asked us to mention that they are always looking for volunteers.


    1. Social Events:  The Spring Fling will be held on May 18th at 6pm at the Crown Plaza Hotel.  Boston Red Sox Game flyers were just sent home, the game is scheduled for April 7th at 1pm and transportation is not provided to Fenway.  The chorus will be singing God Bless America at the Providence Bruins game on March 18th. Students need to be there at 2pm and tickets will be coming home soon for those who ordered them.  


    1. After School Enrichment:  The 5th grade robotics program was great.  There were 13 children in attendance and they had an awesome experience.  There is an Engineering club for 4th grade students in March as well as Yoga for the little ones coming up soon.


    1. Old Business/New Business:  Nominations for next years officers will be opening up in April and May.  Our President, Secretary and Treasurer positions will be opening as Ellen and Sarah have kids moving up to Winman and Julie’s family will be moving out of the district.  


The next PTO meeting will be taking place on March 20th at 6pm.