PTO Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2018


  1. Principal’s Report:  Mr. Dillon led the meeting by talking about RICAS testing for grades 3 through 6.  ELA testing has already happened and the Math testing will take place the week of May 15th.  The PTO donated raffle items to help motivate students to put forth their best efforts as is expected of them every day at school.  A donation of two Kindles were also raffled off. Science testing for 5th grade will also be happening soon.


Wickes Families have been invited to events at Robertson to welcome them to our community, the last PTO meeting and the Red Sox outing last month to name a few.  Mr. Dillon anticipates about 60 students will be switching over to our school for the next school year due to the WPS elementary consolidation. Our 5th and 6th grade students will be touring Winman soon as well to ease their transition for next year.  There will be a new principal at Winman next year, as the current principal is retiring at the end of this school year. The new principal should be appointed by the June or July School Committee meeting probably.


There was a question about the rumors that the Science departments will be cut from elementary schools in Warwick as of next year.  Mr. Dillon said that there have been a lot of cuts, such as the math interventionists, and he encouraged us all to voice our concerns at the City Council meetings.  


  1. President’s Report:  PTO President, Ellen Polo, talked about a change to the board.  The previous Treasurer, Julie Yelle, has recently moved out of the area and the current Secretary, Sarah Fruzzetti, has accepted the Treasurer role for the rest of the school year.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer, Sarah Fruzzetti, reported that the operating Account currently has $15,892.29 in it, which includes the 5th grade funds ($1911.71) and the 6th grade funds ($3252.16).  The funds raised at the Penny War fundraiser will be deposited next, increasing the 5th and 6th grades’ funds by $799 each.


For our most recent fundraisers we have netted the following:  

Penny Wars (5th & 6th grade):   $1598

Calendar Raffle: $1851

Book Fair: $383.12

Ice Cream Social & Raffle: $316.60


The ProJo subscription, insurance and Non-Profit ID have just been renewed and some extra accounts were all consolidated into the main Operating Account.  There was discussion of switching banks to Greenwood Credit Union for next year as they have a coin counting machine which can be utilized for the Penny Wars in the future if we are account holders there.  There was also discussion of creating a separate account next year for the graduating class (current 4th grade class) so that it will be easier to differentiate their funds from the general operating funds.  


  1. Committee Report:


    1. Fundraising:  In addition to the information shared in the Treasurer Report, it was added that the main prize for the Calendar Raffle was won by Michael Costa of Mr. Fuller’s 6th grade class.  He sold 20 raffle tickets! Congratulations Mike on your new iPad Mini!


    1. Cultural Arts:  The Planetarium that came recently was a huge hit for the kids and adults.


    1. Sunshine/Hospitality:  Flowers were sent to two staff members and flowers and a gift card were given to Miss Kim, our school secretary, on Administrative Assistant Day.


    1. School Store:  Sue Humphreys is going to get back to us with the numbers from the school store over the last month.


    1. Fifth/Sixth Grade Representatives:  Mrs. Costa and Ms. Waleryszak talked about the 5th and 6th grade events which will be held after school on June 19 and June 20.  Laid Back Fitness will be coming with a Ninja course for the kids to enjoy. The Moving On Ceremony will be taking place on June 18 in the all-purpose room.  We discussed a class gift for the school, possibly a mural behind the stage in the auditorium. The basketball game against Greenwood Elementary is this Friday night and we are still in need of volunteers to help set up and work at the raffle, refreshment and spiritwear tables.  The class picnic is on June 11th, a Spike’s food truck will be coming.
    1. VOWS:  Anthony Sinapi from Volunteers of Warwick Schools was in attendance and invited all that want to help out by volunteering in the schools to see him.  


    1. Charitable Donations:  There was an anonymous donation received recently and it will be going toward the kids, even though the exact way in which it will be used is still unknown.   


    1. Social Events:  The 5th grade basketball game against Greenwood Elementary is this Friday at 6:30pm at Vets Middle School.  Casey Farm chicks will be coming in a few weeks. The Spring Fling will be on May 18th, fliers have gone home and are on the school website.  There is an instrumental concert for students in the band on May 21st at 9am, parents are welcome to attend at that time. The chorus concert will take place on May 30th for the school to enjoy and on June 1st at 9am for parents to enjoy.  We have some class field trips coming up: 5th grade is taking a field trip to McCoy stadium to see the Paw Sox on May 24th and the 4th grade is planning a Save the Bay field trip soon. The PTO will be contributing to keep the costs down for these student trips.  On May 25th, the future Kindergarten students will be touring our school and on May 29th, the Wicks students joining our school will be visiting for the first time. Field Day is going to be on June 8th and will include a rock wall, bounce house and obstacle course, Mad Science assembly, fun games, dunk tank and New England Lemonade truck around lunch time.  It will be a great time for the kids!


Finally, there will be a Mother’s Day sale next Friday which will benefit the 4th grade class and is the beginning of their fundraising for moving up to middle school next year!  We are in need of those willing to wrap for the students purchasing Mother’s Day gifts.


    1. Old Business/New Business:  Nominations for next years officers was discussed and we had many people volunteer!  


The current President, Ellen Polo, nominated Jen Marinelli as President.  The current Vice President, Jen Marinelli, nominated Courtney Costeglia for Vice President.  Many others were discussed to fill the Treasurer and Secretary position, as well as possibly having co-members for these positions as to allow many people to be involved and share the work.  


There will be a vote to follow if needed!